Oct 04

How to change the HDD of a PS3 Ultra Slim

There are quite a few videos on YouTube and elsewhere on the web by now about disassembling the new PS3 UltraSlim. The following one doesn’t go very far in terms of disassembly but it’s very practical: How to change the Hard Disk Drive in a PS3 ’4K series’ console.

It appears to be even easier than on a ‘fat’ PlayStation 3.

In the meantime, we’re still waiting for a confirmation whether the (solid state) memory in the new 12GB model can be replaced in the same easy way, i.e. whether it uses the same (SATA) interface.



  1. Hafeez Hameed

    Hi There I have looked around on the web and heard that you cannot upgrade the Hard Drive on the 16GB Spec PS3, I hope this isn’t true as I would like to upgrade the Hard Drive upon purchasing the PS3 as I have the old one from my broken PS3 launch 60GB model which I upgraded to 500GB.

    1. Nesca

      please let me know if u managed to upgrade the drive or not

  2. james braselton

    hi there yeah 16 gb flash storage

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